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06/18/2018  I am a mother of 3 children 9, 6, and 1. I want them to be encouraged to be the change in the world. I hope by seeing me volunteer and hopefully there may be some events they too can assist, I feel this will help them understand we are part of a global community, and we can start improving it close to home.
07/09/2018  Great organization!!!!!!
09/09/2020  I want to volunteer here because I love the message of empowering women. I want to support helping more girls and women get into STEM. I see that Lake County has a poverty problem and this is where I live. I want to do what I can to support the community
07/14/2018  I would love to work in a community of women and encouraging women and also to prevent racism. I feel like this program is everything I personally believe in.
08/22/2018  TEST
07/20/2018  MY name is Tamika Nunez I started to Volunteer at Association House Of chicago working with youth and development program Assistant children from different age group and also work with Americorps
07/25/2018  Support YWCA's mission - Empowerment of Women
07/27/2018  Organization caught my eye!
07/31/2018  My passion is helping others. The YWCA of lake county is the perfect fit for me. Their stance on improving the lives of women and people of color is inspiring. I would be honored to serve such an inspirational organization.
08/09/2018  I love what you stand for and the message you are spreading in a time where awareness is needed.
08/15/2018  i'm heavily involved in the chicago volunteer scene but have not connected with any local organizations. say an instagram ad for this organization and decided to give it a try after reviewing the website
08/23/2018  We are interested in having medical students who are learning at our Gurnee family medicine practice for Northshore UHS. Would you contact me directly at jbenson@northshore.org Cell 773-802-9486
09/05/2018  Looking for opportunities to assist with empowering young girls and women within the community.
10/01/2018  I like to help Me gusta ayudar
10/12/2018  I would like to help and contribute to the empowering of our community.
10/16/2018  I want to volunteer with the YWCA to become more involved not only in my community, but also in social issues that impact every day life. I would also like to bring my public relations and sociology background to assist with networking, fundraising, and/or social awareness events.
06/05/2020  I am looking to get more involved in my community and be a good role model for my children.
10/25/2018  I Care For My 87 yr Old Dad & I Have an Adult Son Who Has Mentally Delayed & I'm Trying To Find Somewhere I Can Fit in & Learn Something & The Ywca Is a Place I Went To as a Kid
11/09/2018  I would like to become involved with the community and help others in need.
11/15/2018  I am very interested in growing my volunteer experience. Along with this, I fully believe in the power of women empowerment and race awareness. I want to grow and learn more about the ways I can encourage and foster conversation and action surrounding such topics. I have always been invested in serving others, and I know there is more to do, more to be and more to give. I want to be a part of a move inclusive and hopeful future.
12/02/2018  I have lived in Lake County for over half of my life now and have grown up here. I am always looking to give back to my community and I think this is a great way to do so, especially in a place where I have spent a lot of time. I also am a huge supporter of empowering women in small and large aspects of their lives so I very much support this cause.
01/08/2019  We are looking for volunteer opportunities for our company Navy Federal Credit Union. There are 14 of us, but not everyone would need to volunteer at once.
01/12/2019  I have always had a love of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and I want other girls to love it too.
01/12/2019  I have heard about this organization from a couple of my coworkers. They have had nothing but great experiences.
01/14/2019  Always inspired by the work YMCA is doing. Fulfill a 20 hours of community service. I am available effective 1/14 for the next 2 weeks. Thanks!
01/29/2019  I want to make a difference in the life of a child.
01/31/2019  My name is tamika Nunez I have been working at association house of chicago working with after school students from different age group
02/11/2019  Hi - I recently registered for the economic empowerment summit and it sounds like a great opportunity to learn! I would be specifically interested in helping with any special events focused on resume / cover letter writing, LinkedIn presence, or preparing for interviews. I've worked at executive search firms as a "resume catalog / candidate review" resource and worked for over 4 years in outplacement as a resume writer / technology trainer / consultant. I'm also a business unit manager and have directly hired multiple employees as well as have lead a team of employees. In my free time for fun I help with resume writing and do short, free, informal webinars on best practices. If I can ever help teach these skills I would be happy to do so - thank you!!!
02/12/2019  Giving back to community since I can offer some time now.
02/28/2019  I would love to volunteer with ywca to help with my background in community health. I love to be involved in helping and empowering our community.
11/23/2019  To be able to inform other people about opportunities offered at YWCA and to give back to the community and help all people
03/14/2019  I am a college student majoring in Secondary Education Mathematics. I strive to create equity in the field of education. The mission statement of YWCA, and the events such as STEM promotion for Girls, aligns with my own mission.
02/11/2021  I want to give back to my community.
04/04/2019  The YWCA provides amazing and important resources for women in our community. I would love to be involved in an organization that recognizes how much of an impact racism can have on one's overall quality of life and has concrete programs to fight against it. The organization is very action-based, and I would like to be around people who recognize the importance of discussing race, empowering women and providing support in various aspects of a woman's life.
04/20/2019  Looking to help others and provide service to community.
04/22/2019  I am a graduating high school senior this year and will be majoring in psychology and minor in music. I have a great interest in helping people to develop, learn and grow. I want an opportunity to also use my music skills in the classrooms or groups as needed.
04/28/2019  I believe whole-heartedly with your mission. I believe that the best kind of relief efforts are the ones that are started from the community for the community. I support racial equality and access to healthcare for all.
05/07/2019  I believe in what the YWCA stands for and would like to help in events that help our immigrant community and the women of our community.
05/13/2019  Being a woman, I like to work with women and help with empowering women
05/24/2019  I work human resources at the Target store in Waukegan Illinois. We are looking for new volunteer opportunities for our team. If you have any events or opportunities that you think would work well with our team members please let us know. Thank you for your time. Lisa Webster
06/06/2019  I want to be a part of the YMCA mission and make a difference in empowering the lives of others in our community. The racial and gender equality which the YMCA strives to create in our community is something which I would like to be a part of. I just graduated high school this year, and would love to get more involved in service and be able to interact with others through YMCA programs before heading off to college.
06/27/2019  I would like to learn more about volunteering with the YWCA because I am passionate about using my time to help others. I believe I am capable of listening, learning, and helping with any task. I am open to doing different types of work, whether it be manual labor, organization, administration, communication, etc. I would love to learn more about volunteering with Lake County YWCA.
07/15/2019  Growing up, I never say many women in color of STEM. My journey in pursuing a Biochemistry degree was challenging when many individuals in the field did not look like you or were compassionate to you experiences. Learning about your mission to assist young girls in gaining an interest in STEM fields really stuck out at me. If I was able to take part in something like this at a young age, I would have been able to see my passion for science sooner.
08/04/2019  you are local and EMPOWER women!!!!
08/04/2019  You are local and you empower women
08/12/2019  I am very passionate about empowering women and creating awareness around gender, sexuality, race and equality. In college I was extremely involved in social justice groups, volunteering for a domestic violence shelter, and taking classes in sociology. I would love to be a part of a community that stands up and fights for human rights.
09/05/2019  I've always had an interest in volunteering at the YMCA. I really want to help people and become a mentor
09/09/2019  I had gotten a ticket and have to complete hours for it .
09/09/2019  I am currently in nursing school and I have a community nursing class and I am looking to volunteer with an organization. The mission of the YWCA is one I believe in and would like to help with achieving this mission.
09/17/2019  I used to volunteer/work at the YMCA back home in Texas and I loved it!
09/18/2019  Would love to assist with the community services the YWCA offers. These services has helped me as well as many others, it would be a great opportunity to also contribute.
10/10/2019  I had wanted to volunteer for the YWCA when I was based in Harrisburg, PA but unfortunately I was not living there long enough to get involved. I would actually really like to help on a crisis help line (that wasn't an option listed above), so I don't know if I should coordinate with another YWCA chapter for that kind of opportunity.
10/13/2019  I am interested in volunteering as I am graduating this May with a major in psychology and minor in social justice from Roosevelt University. I am looking to serve the community I come from as well as connect with people in the organization for future work.
11/06/2019  I believe this will be an excellent opportunity for me to give back to the community that I grew up in. I am passionate about being in the position to help others, especially when I can utilize my skills to make a difference in the life of others. I also am very impress with the services that YWCA offers the community. I admire such programs, and the mission goal align with my personal goals in ways that I feel may be useful to the community.
11/11/2019  To help the community and to help impact some of the women in our area to let them know we are there for them and to keep striving for excellence
11/14/2019  As a US military service member I am always looking for new ways to serve the community I live in, this is one way to do so.
11/15/2019  I'm a communications professional and I love teaching people communication skills to help them with their personal and professional development. I think I could be helpful volunteering in a class on personal branding or interviewing skills. I'm also a mom passionate about helping empower our girls!
12/07/2019  I am really passionate about promoting racial equality, especially in institutions among the United States. I'm also in college studying sociology and would love to possibly get an internship with this organization.
12/16/2019  I am a diversity, equity and inclusion professional interested in supporting the needs of my community. I've been aware of YWCA efforts in the city through my network of Dorri McWhorter, Melissa Donaldson, and J Vincent Williams and would like to get involved closer to where I live. I'd love to help mentor girls, support educational events, or be involved in creating or engaging better awareness in the area. Please see my LinkedIn profile for more information. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Trish www.linkedin.com/in/tricia-myers-2019
12/27/2019  I believe in YWCA's mission to empowerment women and to help them trust their innate strength. I want to further my involvement in the community.
01/02/2020  I would like to take part in building up and supporting my new community. The Y has been a support for my family.
01/04/2020  I would like to volunteer because I always had an interest in the challenges women face in society, and wanted to know the ways to help, since I didn't understand why women couldn't completely be equal to men. They have as much intelligence and talent.
01/13/2020  Me gusta ayudar. Y aquí hay más campo tal vez se adapta a mi horario d trabajo
08/08/2018  I enjoy volunteering any where and any way that I can. I am on early childhood of Lake County board of Directors and just enjoy helping others.
02/01/2020  Because I've always wanted to volunteer in any community event or different awareness events but since I have 3 kids I never had the time. but that was always an excuse for me this is the best time to volunteer to show my kids its always good to give/help back in your community.
04/05/2020  As an educator with a passion for race and gender justice work, the YWCA's mission aligns with my own. I would like the opportunity to assist with that mission in any capacity.
06/03/2020  The main reason I want to volunteer with YWCA is because I want to get involved in my community. The times were going through right now are awful and the least I can do right now is to give back to my community and be a part of the change that we so desperately need.
06/17/2020  I am very interested and passionate about helping women and people of a wide range of races to be successful personally and professionally. I have been following the great work and programs that the YWCA offers and want to use my talents to support your programs.
07/15/2020  I think your mission is great and I like what you stand for. I work for One Hope United and everything that you've done for the families that I work with I would really like to help volunteer.
07/21/2020  I feel that it is important to try and connect with my community during these highly stressful and confusing times. There is so much bad on the news and in my own life with COVID shutdowns I think it would benefit me greatly to feel like I am doing some good.
07/27/2020  Invest in our community.
08/07/2020  I need community service hours
08/07/2020  I need community service hours
09/05/2020  I want to help and be a part of supporting others to make life better.
09/10/2020  I want to be a part of the solution; not just a bystander
09/17/2020  To Give a helping hand where it's needed
10/30/2020  I want to help
12/07/2020  I wanted to be more involved with my community during the pandemic and after.
02/09/2021  I strongly support the goals of YWCA.
02/09/2021  I am an advocate of eliminating racism and empowering women using the tools, knowledge and resources I have available in the areas of human resources.
02/24/2021  I'm passionate about women's issues and addressing injustice and have been wanting to get more involved since moving out here.
02/24/2021  I'm passionate about women's issues and addressing injustice and have been wanting to get more involved since moving out here.
02/24/2021  I'm passionate about women's issues and addressing injustice and have been wanting to get more involved since moving out here.
02/24/2021  I'm passionate about women's issues and addressing injustice and have been wanting to get more involved since moving out here.
02/24/2021  I'm passionate about women's issues and addressing injustice and have been wanting to get more involved since moving out here.
02/25/2021  Because I work in the Home Health Field and I am college professor. I would like to just be a mentor or help and if I will make one life better then I will be happy. More than that would be better
02/26/2021  My place of employment has put together a volunteer committee and we are looking to get involved with more events & organizations in our community. We feel as though we keep doing the same events and we are looking for new opportunities that we can share with our team.